A suitable tube shoulder to our canula caps

Herewith we present you our new product.


  The tube shoulders 50mm diameter are produced from material Total HDPE M5220 and fits ideal to our canula caps C-4815 and C-3815.


  The injection molding tool has been designed with a hot runner system and a production volume of up to 7 milions pcs. per year could  be achieved.



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New molding machine


For several weeks we have expanded our machine park with a further injection molding machine Sumitomo Demag Systec 100-430 servo. This investment ensures that our production is truly energy-efficient and cost-effective. Also we will increase the flexibility of a supply chain. Now we have a modern machine park with 12 injection molding machines with an average age less than 6 years old.



* * *


Clean room

A clean room in the plastics processing industry  is a strong trend. We must persists in efforts to fulfill the increasing quality requirements of our customers.  Therefore we decided to make an investment in a new clear room.

Starting immediately you can benefit from this service



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   The new employee in tool manufacture

We are very pleased to welcome Mr Manuel Mäder who has joined us on  July 2015.

He  is responsible for the manufacture and maintenance of our injection molding tools as well as for various contract work. 


We wish him a lot of fun in his new job !