Innovation 2-parts

Our portfolio has been extended with the new innovation of the 2-parts cap Ø35mm. It's about a product which exists out of two components. The cap is the framework and subsists out of polypropylene. The plate, which is pressed into the cap, is produced in SAN. This material is especially transparent but it is also possible to produce the plate in every colour. The cap can be out of two colours or if it is refined then it can exist out of three colours.

On the plate you can realize your own individual design. Therefor you can look at the examples with the RUBA-logo.

At the moment, this cap is available in Ø35mm. But there is the possibility to use this innovation on each RUBA standard cap from Ø30mm on.

You would like to have samples or you wish a personal consultation? Here you can find our contact details.


Kingsline Deluxe

Additional to our existing versions of RUBA Deluxe Line we have designed a new series called Kingsline

Our new Kingsline Deluxe with thread M11, M15 and S22 was successfully tested and is available in six different diameters from now on. We offer this double wall cap, which is injected from the inside, in glossy finish.

The tool is the same like the one for our other Deluxe caps. The only change is the outside shape. You can also use it for the version without sealing pin (odo) and canula cap.

In our flyer you can find an overview.


Two injection machines and robot

To ensure a high production capacity and to fulfill the expectations and wishes of our customers regarding delivery dates, we have lately adjusted our machinery park.

Our two new injection moulding machines have a closing force of 120 tons, one of it is equipped with a handling robot.

Now we have two injection mould machines where a production with handling robot is possible.

In this case we want to call to mind again our further services.


10th anniversary

Mr Shkelzim Krasniqi celebrated his 10th anniversary at RUBA. He is the deputy production leader. 

We are thankful for his faithfulness and loyalty. Through his work as a plastic technologist he has contributed significantly to the success of our company.

We hope for many more years in successful cooperation.


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