New Universal line for HDPE, PET and PCR



We should not live at the cost of future generations. The less we do for the environment, the more our children will be challenged to get the deficit back later. The legal requirements for packaging regarding sustainability are also becoming increasingly stricter. The resin used in the plastics industry is one of the most important factors in recycling

The high demand for recycled polymers and monomaterials gave us an opportunity to develop a new line. Our experiences to date has shown that the best results can be achieved only by valve gate hot runner system. Therefore we designed and constructed a completely new 8-cavity mold.

After successful sampling we offer the externally molded screw cap H-2915U2 glossy Ø 30mm from the new “Universal line”. You can order free samples This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

The new line meets following requirements:

1. Processing of different materials as HDPE, PET and PCR
Even impurities in PCR-resins are no problem for our new tool

2. Weight reduction
The new Universal line caps are one of the lightest caps of whole RUBA-portfolio.

Still isn’t light enough? Then click here: Flyer Eco line

The new Universal line will be expanded by further threads and diameters 25mm (M11) und 35mm (M15) in the next few weeks.

We will keep you up to date!

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